Gaga Intensive 2018 in Italy

Dates and Hours

September 3-8, 2018 10:00-16:30 each day*
*Hours subject to change.


Course Contents


Daily classes include Gaga/dancers, Ohad Naharin’s repertory, and methodics.  Gaga/dancers deepens dancers’ awareness of physical sensations, expands their palette of available movement options, enhances their ability to modulate their energy and engage their explosive power, and enriches their movement quality with a wide range of textures.  For more information about Gaga/dancers, visit this page.



Artistic Director: Yaara Moses


Additional faculty: Michal Sayfan, Matan David 

*We are happy to announce that Ohad Naharin will teach a few classes in the Gaga Intensive in Italy!



Hosted at Orsolina 28 (Moncalvo, Italy) in partnership with NOD.

*Dancers can reserve room and board at Orsolina 28!  Housing is in geodesic domes, and all food is locally grown.  For more details, click here.   


To Apply

1) Please fill out the online registration form at this link in English and make sure to press the submit button at the end of the questions.

2) Send the following materials in a single e-mail with the subject line “Gaga Intensive Italy” to Emma at

  • your CV in English in .doc or .pdf formats only – please use your full name as the name of the file

  • a headshot photograph of yourself, separate from your CV – please use your full name as the name of the file

  • Send a link to a short video (2-5 minutes in length) in which your dancing is clearly visible. Share your passion to move and your skills.

3) Pay the non-refundable 30 EUR application fee through PayPal by clicking the “Pay Now” button below and following the instructions.

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