The International Contemporary Dance Program organized by NOD for the next season will be a real professional experience that offers performances of  projects every trimester.
This additional experience every trimester offers dancers the opportunity to learn more about choreographers who work an idea and present it in a performative context


Furthermore as every year, even this year NOD with its ICD program, thanks to collaborations with Piemonte dal Vivo Foundation and Festival Interplay Mosaico Danza, students will have the opportunity to be part of the festivals that take place in the city during the academic year.

Stay tuned! This page will be updated day after day to keep you up to date.

September 15th

In collaboration with Piemonte dal Vivo,  ICD Program 1st trimester will perform during the Festival "Natura in Movimento", event in the Giardini della Venaria Reale with a "sharing", the result of the journey made with Pau Aran Gimeno Permanent performing member of Tanztheater Wuppertal-Pina Bausch

December 20th "PALISSADE" h: 21,00 Lavanderia a Vapore

In collaboration with Lavanderia a Vapore corso Pastrengo 52, Collegno Torino, NOD  ICD Program 1st trimester will share work made by:

Bruno Guillore



Title: Notturna 

The winter solstice, the longest night. The day is weak and bleak, the night is strong and deep. It is finally the time for Yule, where the night allows those nocturnal creatures to roam free and play. Free to  gather, celebrate, give into their impulses...

Music by Vincenzo Lamagna

Light Designer:  Lawrie Graham Mclennan


Frédéric Despierre





Title: Mixed Ape Vol. 1

Inspired from the mixtape format born in the Hip-Hop music and radio culture, we will be creating a patchwork of images and physical energies, in an attempt to capture the instinctive and random nature of what we would call a “train of thought”.

Music by Frédéric Despierre

Attila Ronai



Title: Future Shadow  Time: 15 min

In the speed existing in our society these days, where quick replies on messenger and emojis on instagram are taking over the honest human communication and meetings. How this effects on our psychological and social behaviour in the young generation?
15 dancers who meet each other for the first time through a dance creation rather than being just “friends on Facebook”...
How real connections between each other appear on stage.

Can movement and music bring them closer together? How an experience like this effects the future generation? 
Attila Rónai research and creation together with the dancers about personal differences, relations and human connection

Music by Endre Schumicky

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