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NOD will host Out Innerspace

We are excited to announce that NOD will host and sponsor Out Innerspace in a 5 day residency with their creative team in Torino.

They will be preparing for adaptions of Bygones to a series of short films and upcoming performances in Belgium and the Netherlands. This is a first of many residencies to come.

Bygones Synopsis

Bygones contends with a past that clings to the present; a psychic connective tissue that runs through space, people, objects and time. It explores the pact between creation and destruction and the nexus of form and formlessness. Moving thresholds and unruly scavengers taunt our susceptibility to ruin, detachment and inaction. Dancers are in flux. A physical lawlessness teases materiality, overthrows logic and unleashes new attempts. Change is the problem and the solution; earning transformation and the ability to reconnect.

Persons attending the residency are:

Artistic Directors

Tiffany Tregarthen

David Raym



David Harvey

Renee Siguoin

Elya Grant

Aiden Cass


James Proudfoot

Jack Chipman

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