NOD ICD - Performance Project 2

The international contemporary dance program organized by NOD for the next season will be a real professional experience that offers performances of 2 projects

Among the 12 selected dancers, 4 will receive a scholarships of €  500,00 each - covering the entire participation fee - made available by Lavanderia a Vapore/Piemonte dal Vivo, for dancers / dancers residing in Italy.




  1. Annabelle Vatome                                                             

  2. Rosalia Panepinto                                                                    

  3. Camilla Branchetti (borsa di studio)

  4. Noemi Piva (borsa di studio)

  5. Rossella Amadori (borsa di studio)

  6. Sara Angelucci (borsa di studio)                                                                 

  7. Barrier Chloë                                                                                   

  8. Agnese Bargero                                                                                          

  9. Elena Martello                                                                    

  10. Giada Fabrinetti

  11. Eloise Jocque

  12. Yuna Legrand

2nd Cast


Aleksandra Witalisw
Giulia Fernandez
Lotta sandborgh 
Giada fabrinetti 
Eloise Jocque 
Yuna Legrand
Chiara mocci 
Justin volo
Giorgia lolli
Chiara aldorisio 
Mariacristina Santomaura
Michela priuli
Shun wet Chung 
Gaia de martino 
Irene velasana
Concetta carielo 
Cazziola elena
Nikoline due
Carla del giudice

Important to know!

For organizational reasons and to speed up the procedure, we ask the chosen dancers to give confirmation within 48 hours of the publication of the list (Saturday August 11st )
If payment is not made by that date, it is assumed that you are no longer interested in the project and your saved spot will be assigned to the next dancer  chosen by the choreographer on the second cast list


We inform you that enrollment will be considered complete only after having sent a copy of the payment made


- If you change your mind, notice of cancellation is greatly appreciated as to permanently be deleted from temporary list

- If by reason of Act of God, beyond the control of either party, the workshop/s set out above are cancelled, exclusively for reasons attributable to the organization, it is the obligation of the organization itself, repay the entire amount paid for participation.


Period December 9th - 20th /11 days 

- If you cancel, we regret that Nuova Officina della danza Asd cannot make any refunds. Please make sure that you can make the dates

- In accordance with the current Italian laws we need a copy of a current medical certificate stating that you are in good health, before the  starting date. In the case of residency abroad, you will be asked to have a medical certificate issued by an Italian doctor here upon your arrival, stating that you are in good health. This will be at your expense.


Looking forward to meeting you!


METHOD OF PAYMENT:  Banking transfer or Paypal directly form the wbsite next to the teachers informations

  • Payment through bank transfers are made to: BANCA INTESA SAN PAOLO PIAZZA PAOLO FERRARI 10 - 20121 MILANO  - Benefiting:  NUOVA OFFICINA DELLA DANZA A.s.d.  IBAN - IT23B0306909606100000147245   BIC:   BCITITMM.

It's mandatory to  specify your name, last name, trimester or sarting date attendin.  Expenses will be charged to the student

  • Payment through Paypal:  Paypal charges, around 4%  are asked to be charged to the student - it will be required only NOD email  or tel numb +393491418033


Costs € 500,00 + € 15,00 registration/insurance

The show will be exhibited at Lavanderia a Vapore corso Pastrengo 52, Collegno Torino.

 Nuova Officina della Danza a.s.d. 
Sede legale Corso Guglielmo Marconi 3 - 10125 Torino

C.F. 977 33110015 P.I. 1056 7370019

Tel: 3491418033 watsap +393930839097| 


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