Studio A

Mq 216 m.10 x m.12

25 persons maximum capacity

Tap shoes and hills are not permitted


Studio Harlequin Floor

€ 25 h +VAT​​


Studio B

Mq 120 m.10 x m. 12

15 persons maximum capacity

Tap shoes and hills are not permitted

Studio Harlequin Floor

€ 20 h +VAT


Studio C

Mq 73 m.10 x m. 7,3

10 persons maximum capacity

Tap shoes and hills are permitted

Parquet floor

€ 15 h + VAT

Booking, Payment, and Cancellation Information:

  • To make a rental reservation please email

  • No walk-in or day of rentals will be allowed at this time.

  • Studio availability is based around our In-Studio Open Class Schedule.

  • All rentals must be scheduled and fully paid for at least 72 hours in advance. If the rental is not paid for 72 hours in advance, NOD has the right to cancel your reservation. 

  • All rentals are non-refundable. 

    • Cancellations made more than 48 hours in advance will receive a NOD credit only. 

    • Cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance will not receive a NOD credit.


General Guidelines and Information:

  • Renters are welcome to use our sound system only. However, we ask that they please not touch any settings or knobs that are taped off. Our system is very sensitive and is primarily used for our livestream classes. Renters are required to bring their own aux cord adaptors. 

  • No heavy or sharp objects are permitted on the flooring.

  • No food, drink (except bottled water), chewing gum, rosin, adhesives, glitter, or confetti, is allowed in any studio. 

  • There is no smoking allowed anywhere on the premises.

  • Rentals must end on time, no exceptions. We ask that renters do not linger in the studios when their scheduled time is up, as rentals are booked back-to-back. 

  • We ask that you please leave the studios in the same condition that they were found in. Items left behind will be discarded. Please clean up after yourself, thank you!

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