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Meet the Team


Come work with us!

We are searching for a VIDEOMAKER with experience in filming dance and dancers and apassionate about dance movement. 

The person we are looking for will work to document sessions and edit teasers that best represent the work done in our studios during the Nuova X Professional Dance Program.


He/she will work in contact with world-renowned choreographers and dancers on their way to professionalism, with a level of formation among the highest in Italy. 


Previous experience in the dance environment, a professional working method and respect for the artistic poetics of the choreographers is required.

The work period will consist of a few shooting days between February and March 2024, with the possibility of extending the collaboration.

Only with residence in Turin.

Fee to be agreed with the administration. 

Candidates will be selected for an initial meeting in January. 

Send your portfolio and your showreel to

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