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Silvana Ranaudo

Silvana Ranaudo

Artistic Director  at NOD and and  Artistic coordinator of ICD International Contemporary Dance Program & MEP Mentoring Exchange Program


Solo dancer, assistant choreographer, choreographer and modern dance teacher.
In 1973 she began studying ballet at the School of Loredana Furno and at the age of twelve she entered the training school of the Teatro Nuovo Company of Turin.
Her spirit for research and passion for study pushed her to go abroad: to New York in the United States, where she earned a scholarship for life, also to France and Austria.
She studied American ballet with Deborah Weaver, ( American Ballet Theater dancer), Burman (ABT), Vernon, modern and contemporary jazz, jazz with the best teachers and at the best schools in the United States.
In 1985 she moved to Milan where she began her career in television RAI and Mediaset, as a soloist with André Del la Roche, Steve La Chance, Iaia De Capitani, Gianin Loringett, Gino Landi, Franco Miseria, and with directors such as Dario Fo, Giorgio Albertazzi, Giancarlo Nicotra, Michele Guardi and Enzo Trapani.
In the cinema and in the theater, she began as a solo dancer and then as an assistant choreographer on TV sets and stages, alongside Franco MISERIA and Gino LANDI, and then as a choreographer alongside director, Renzo MARTINELLI, on advertising sets.
While working as a dancer, she gave professional classes at: SPID, MAS, Teatro Carcano, Dimensione Danza, California in Milano.
She taught history of movement in Giorgio Albertazzi and Elisabetta Gardini's school.
She was subsequently assistant to Max Stone, contemporary dance professor, during his workshop on tour in Italy and assistant choreographer for the Italian Director  Franco Miseria.
She was regularly teaching in Turin at NOD and she periodically collaborated with the dance center "Area Dance" in Milan as a modern dance teacher.

Since 2012 she has been involved full time in the organization of the ICD Program.

silvana Ranaudo
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