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Via Mantova 34 10100 Torino

We can help you find accommodation  in single or double occupancy  rooms used only by Nod students or apartments, that can also be shared, in the city. 

We can provide telephone numbers so you can contact apartment landlords directly asking about prices. Please do not forget to specify if you prefer the single or double room situation, depending on your budget. These apartments will be made available only to NOD students. The apartments have different positions in the city, all super recommended, and the distance from the studios is about 30 minutes by bus. Remember to ask your landlords the exact location of the apartment and do not forget to specify if you are willing to share with other NOD students.


- Raquel    +39 3484101560 

-Romina    +39 3358042003

- Marco     +39 3474185120

- Niccolò   +39 3485223771

- Feliciana +39 3312829437



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