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Nuova Officina della Danza organize two international programs, ICD Program and NUOVA X Professional Dance Program.

Apply now for both programs with a special tuition!


Nuova X is a professional dance program directed by choreographer Tom Weinberger, in collaboration with NOD.

The program is divided into 3 sessions from September to June. Each quarter the program involves a pre-selected group of dancers from all over the world in two different creations with two international choreographers, each lasting five weeks.

This structure has the specific objective of providing dancers with the necessary tools to become a more skilled collaborator within a creative context and to develop a flexible mind as well as a creative one.

The program’s emphasis is on giving ample time for a meaningful process, providing the opportunity to dive into and learn from the choreographers’ methodologies and creative practices.

Our goal is to cultivate an environment for a mindful educational journey, creatingroom to raise questions and space to challenge our physical and performative skills, while encouraging vulnerability and growth

At the end of each trimester a studio showing will be held, giving the participants a platform to share the works in progress with the community.



Artistic Director

"Nuova X came out of a desire to offer dancers seeking a professional career in the field to have an opportunity to work in depth with leading international contemporary choreographers.

This means the dancers are meeting the choreographer on a daily basis for five weeks! Which allows a layered process that invites in depth exploration, reflection, exhaustion (mentally and physically), questioning of the found, collaboration and plenty more aspects of the creative process...the opposite from a ‘hit and run’ type of set up.

At the end of each trimester there will be informal studio showings to which the participants can invite guests - family, colleagues, future employers etc.  (of course within covid pandemic restrictions can occur). However,  I would like to emphasis that the program does not gear towards a final show. We are interested in the processes themselves, to offer a pocket to observe, dwell and dig into the craft. In a world that too often puts its focus on the product we would like to counter this and make room for a different approach. In that sense the studio showings are ‘just’ another opportunity to dance."


To be a dance student aged 18 and up, with a strong contemporary and ballet  technique, or professional dancer and  teacher.


In order to apply please send your CV together with two separate links, one showcasing yourself in an improvisation session (1/2 minutes  sharing your skills/virtuosity as dancer, working with a task to your choice, tapping into what moves you as a movement artist/ sharing where you currently are in your movement research) and one to two minutes of a set choreography  (If sending a group footage please indicate which one of the dancers is you).

Only Vimeo or YouTube links no password will be accepted. 

All are welcome regardless of ethnicity, gender or sexual preference. Limited spots available.

Fill out this form to send in your application:

Check out NOD's price list and information:

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