MENTORING Exchange Program Sept - June

5 Extraordinary Mentors / Teachers / Choreographers:



will be part of the program with their vision of expertise with a dual purpose: to allow the student to expand their knowledge and skills as a dancer/performer/maker alongside preparing students for the working dance world by both in-person guidance and remote mentoring, promoting the next generation of dancers.


The academic year will be built in such a way as to guarantee their presence at least once every quarter. They will also work remotely to continue working with you, there will be a direct channel of communication between you and the mentor through conversations via Internet by sending videos and working from time to time on the tasks assigned by the them. Remote mentorship will include career development, auditioning skills and grant/residency guidance


Assisting with grant or residency work is meant to help the mentees in terms of the application process including helping students research grant and residency opportunities, reviewing and offering feedback on applications, coaching on choreography and performance, and the opportunity to engage in the process with the mentor in their home cities such as Los Angeles with Spenser Theberge and in Madrid with the Full time company led by Fabian Thome which will also give students the opportunity to continue working and evolve their experience to the maximum by inviting them to work for 2 weeks with them so they can get the most out of their experience.

This is a precious opportunity for the participants, who will have the chance to be guided (or mentored) by those who have been working professionally at the highest caliber of the international dance scene for over a decade with the most reputed and established companies in the world at this moment in time such as:

Batsheva Dance Company, Hofesh Shechter, Sharon Eyal, Netherlands Dance Theater I, The Forsythe Company, Sidi Larbi Cherkahui and Alan Lucien Øyen

Mentors are also educators at some of the world's leading organizations, such as NOD, California Institute for the Arts, The Juilliard School, Netherlands Dans Theater, UCLA ...


The Mentoring exchange is an addition to the ICD program and requires a separate application.

Registrations to the Mentoring Exchange Program are always open it is possible to be included

in the program at any time


About the ICD program:

The ICD Program is the only program where every week, dancers switch styles, repertory and guest artists and choreographers that come from the greatest companies in the world.

The mentors will introduce their own movement practice and research which means that you will have to adapt to the variety of different styles every week and develop different skills.

Being curious and open to new perspectives is essential in reaching the highest skillset that is needed to become a complete performer.

This entails discovering different ways to move the body and to express your own creativity and personality as an artist.


NOD - ICD (International Contemporary Dance) Program is considered a

"professional experience" and internship for dance students who are already trained and are on a path to becoming professionals.



Application for the Academic Year 2020/21:

Send two videos, both no more than 1 min. each (2 min. max. in total).

The first of you improvising and the second of you performing a set choreography. Please also include a short bio and send all material to (Vimeo or Youtube NO password)

Tuition Mentoring exchange Program - this is to be intended as a cost to be added to the cost of the ICD Program


Trimestral tuition fees are set at € 1.000,00 

Yearly tuition fees are set at € 3.000,00


Contributions can be made via PayPal through  Scan, Pay and Go!

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