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Waiting to return to a normal situation, the online lesson is currently the only way to keep in touch with our teachers and continue to keep the passion for dance alive.
NOD will do everything possible to recreate the atmosphere that only an in person dance lesson can give.
The future is created only by our present actions. If we want to continue to create a future for ourselves we must continue to move forward now by training in the most excellent way, despite everything.

Classes are given on a simple online platform, Zoom.

Zoom is accessible from your phone, tablet or computer.

Please note that you must register IN ADVANCE for every class in order to be included in the list of participants.


The  fee is € 15,00 per  class

You will receive a link to the Zoom meeting via e-mail a couple of hours before of class.  Please check your social, promotional, and spam boxes if you do not see this mail in your inbox.  In order to ensure that all registered dancers can participate, we ask that you do not share this link with others.


Fee: for non-members

1 class  € 15,00  

2 casses € 25,00

3 classes € 35,00

4 classes € 50,00

5 classes € 60,00

Whole week  all included (ballet, contemporary) € 85 except for the first week of February

February 1 - 5 Sita's project € 95

February 1 - 5 whole week all included (ballet, contemporary) € 120

February monthly rate NOD members € 292 - Non members fee € 325





Each special project has a different cost, please double check the pink dot next to the special event indicates the special price


Week April 19 - 23

Pau Aran Gimeno - April 19 - 20                    h: 6,00 pm  Italy time

Bruno Guillore -   April 23                               h: 6,00  pm Italy time

Veli Pekka Peltokallio - Ballet class  will be in studio

Lucia Moretti  - Contemporay class in studio wednesday  April 21

Rossella Amadori - Contemporay class in studio thursday April 22




Special classes:

PING! by Yaniv Abraham and Guy Shomroni    February 26 h: 6 (this class is 1 h and 30 ')

Fee: € 30,00 single class






Sita Ostheimer online special project Feb 1 h: 2 pm  - Feb 3  h:   4 - 6 pm - Feb  5 h: 4 -7  pm


What will the week look like?

First day you will receive a  3-4 min material video by Sita.
You will  also have a Zoom chat with her, together with the other participants. She will provide you with support, directions, guidelines and tips on how to learn material from the video and what exactly to look out for, so you can make it yours.

Third day there will be a 2h Zoom workshop with Sita. 

Working on and deepening the quality of half of the material.
Fifth day you will need to know the entire material and have another final 2 - 2.5h Zoom
workshop with Sita.


Creative possibility:
For the participants who would like to create.
In the following two weeks, you are welcome to make your own video creation, using the learned material and music.

The music will be by ORI /  Ori Alhober

Apply by sending a very short introduction of yourself and a video of an improvisation, no longer than 45 seconds.

Application deadline 27th January 8pm.

You will receive a confirmation email by 28th January.


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