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As per regulation, NOD gives scholarships only and exclusively afterseeing the student personally. It is necessary that the person who is interested in a quarter beselected by participating in a full session with the same teacher/choreographerduring a workshop. This will be at your expenses You will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
We will accept applications by and not later than October 27th 2020.

Given the numerous requests for scholarships, and wanting to mainta
in an equity condition, NOD must consider some important requirements before handing over a scholarship.

Will be considered: technical preparation, potential talent, economic situation

- Be aged between 18 and 25 years

- Have a strong base of contemporary dance


Scholarships will therefore be awarded to candidates whose parents declare a total gross income lower between € 25,000 and € 35,000.

We offer:
n. 3 partial 20% scholarships for the whole Academic year
n. 3 partial 20% scholarship for the 2nd semester (January /June)
n. 3 partial 20% for the 3rd trimester (April /June)

Please complete the application form and return it together with the following materials:

1. CV/Resume’
2. Motivational letter
3. video (up to 1 min improvisation) a short bio and show real (if you have) Vimeo or Youtube NO password
4. 2 Letters of reference in case it is impossible to reach NOD for an in-person audition

Annual membership which includes insurance is required even in case of scholarship

Please… spend 5 minutes in reading these important recommendations and rules that seem useless, but from experience are extremely important and imperative that you are fully aware of them.

Scholarship doesn't cover rental, food or travel.

NOD is a non profit Association without public funds and despite this manages to give 9 scholarships every academic year  as well as administering the contributions of their members.

Providing scholarships to young and talented dancers is an honor but also an important responsibility, so the selection is meticulous and rigid, we apologize in advance if we will not be able to please everyone.
Assigning to scholarships is complicated because the request is obviously always high.


This requires on your part both economic and logistical planning, therefore we ask you to only accept the scholarship if seriously interested in the path offered by NOD, this is to avoid any revisions in due course during the period when it would be too late to assign your scholarship to another student perhaps that would have been even more interested.

We offer scholarship  to young artists in financial need in possession of the economic and merit requirements only for the whole year or three-month or semester  program .

20% Scholarship trimester fee :

1st period August 23 - December 22 - € 1680,00 + € 55,00  registration member -  insurance included

2nd and 3rd trimester € 1280,00 + € 55,00  registration member -  insurance included


If you need to apply for a VISA:


In the case of residency abroad we ask you to arrange the visa application in time and to let us know in advance the expiration date. We can send you a letter of invitation to help you in the procedure.

- In accordance with the current Italian laws we need a copy of a current medical certificate stating that you are in good health, before the trimester starting date. In the case of residency abroad, you will be asked to have a medical certificate issued by an Italian doctor here upon your arrival . We will manage an appointment for you oto the Institute of Sports medicine , stating that you are in good health. This will be at your expense. € 43,00


If you are a Scholarship recipient:


- A NOD scholarship carries responsibilities as well as privileges.

- As a scholarship student you are in a learning position. You were given the scholarship opportunity in order to further develop your dance technique and to learn. Your utmost concentration, motivation and dedication are asked of you.

- As a Scholarship student you are a NOD representative. Your behavior should always reflect well on the organization.

- Your behavior and attitude should always be an example to others in and out of the classroom. You are also an example of classroom etiquette to all other students.

- You must give a written 2-week prior notice for any absence due to auditions. To avoid that the scholarship loses its value, there will only and exclusively be allowed, not more than, 6 days of absence, due to participation for auditions. The scholarship can be revoked at the discretion of the Artistic Direction due to this matter.

- In agreeing to receive a scholarship you also agree to contribute by accepting responsibilities delegated by NOD management in helping with the smooth operation of the program in exchange for your scholarship.

METHOD OF PAYMENT:  Banking transfer or Paypal directly form the wbsite next to the teachers informations

  • Payment through bank transfers are made to: BANCA INTESA SAN PAOLO PIAZZA PAOLO FERRARI 10 - 20121 MILANO  - Benefiting:  NUOVA OFFICINA DELLA DANZA A.s.d.  IBAN - IT23B0306909606100000147245   BIC:   BCITITMM

  • It's mandatory to  specify your name, last name, trimester or sarting date attending or what month.  Banking Expenses will be charged to the student

  • Payment through Paypal:  Paypal charges, around 4%  are asked to be charged to the student - Paypal NOD email  or tel numb +393491418033

To apply on Google doc form
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