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Nuova X 

Apply now for Nuova X session C April - June with Fernando Melo and Roni Chadash

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Nuova Officina della Danza strives to be a generative meeting space
where dance is seen as an expression of one’s uniqueness, and where bodies express, first of all, vitality. With this in mind, NOD seeks to train daring dancers, willing to tackle a rigorous yet flexible dance program.

For NOD, what characterizes a daring dancer is not the absence of fear but, on the contrary, a willingness of embracing and processing one's own vulnerabilities.

NOD’s intent is to generate a change for dancers, teachers, and anyone else part of the program. To encourage and support their personal and professional growth, and create an environment, through a thoughtful organization of time and space, that facilitates, literally and not, any leaps forward.







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