May Workshops



For every class registration member is compulsory: single event  € 15,00 or  annual € 55,00

If by reason of Act of God, beyond the control of either party, the workshop/s set out above are cancelled, exclusively for reasons attributable to the organization, it is the obligation of the organization itself, repay the entire amount paid for participation.

If you cancel, we regret that Nuova Officina della danza Asd cannot make any refunds. Please make sure that you can make the dates

In accordance with the current Italian laws we need a copy of a current medical certificate stating that you are in good health, before the trimester starting date. In the case of residency abroad, you will be asked to have a medical certificate issued by an Italian doctor here upon your arrival, stating that you are in good health. This will be at your expense. 



MAY 4 - 15


Jonathan Sanchez  Rehearsal Director/ Company Dancer


Morning Workshop included into NOD International Contemporary dance Program

Week 1

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:

1:15 h class Sita

Jo continue with rep

Thursday and Friday:

Jo class and rep


Week 2

Monday, Tuesday

1:15 h class Sita

Jo continue with rep

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:

Jo class and rep


€  310,00  NOD members rate

€  365,00 Non  members rate (VAT 22% included)

Performance Project by Sita Ostheimer 

May 4 - 16 / 2020 -  Schedule h: 1,30 - h: 5 pm NOT included into the ICD Program 

This project is on collaboration with Mosaico danza Interplay Festival, the show will be exhibited during the Festival that will take place outdoors in beautiful picturesque Piazza Vittorio in Turin. (around May 21st - 23rd dates TBC)


The chosen dancers can be part of the daily morning class led by Sita in the morning

Deadline to submit the application December 30th

The results will be announced by February 15th


Trimester and monthly fee informations



MAY 25 - 29

Workshop included into NOD International Contemporary dance Program 2019/20  | 3rd trimester



Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

h: 10,00/13,30 Bryan's workout

Wednesday and Friday

h: 9,30/10,45 ballet class  with Veli Pekka Peltokallio

h: 11,00/14,30  Bryan's workout.

The workshop will be an in depth study and exploration into the self notion of movement. Utilizing improvisational exercises to recognize and interrogate habits, stimuli, and intuition. A process of practicing awareness, surrendering to the present, and listening with the entire body.

The workshop will culminate with a collaborative composition illustrating our research and discoveries to be shared at an informal showing for families and friends.


Regular fee

€ 180,00 NOD members rate

€ 220,00 Non  members rate (VAT 22% included)

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