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Due to the spread of the epidemic and to help its containment, the Italian Ministry asks all Italian territory to suspend all physical activities, events and shows as of March 5, the Nuova Officina della Danza, Nod Association is obligated to suspend activities and postpone them until at least April 14th, 2020 as it can not guarantee the adequate and required distance to be kept from others.


Given the internationality of teachers and students and the collective difficulties in reaching Turin, and wanting to responsibly guarantee the safety of all participants, Nod sadly suspends its scheduled activities from Monday March 9th 2020 to Monday April 13rd, 2020 (unless otherwise indicated).

We are hopeful that our 3rd trimester Internationa Contemporary dance  Program and the Performances Projects with Sita Ostheimer and Yaniv Abraham & Guy Shomroni will be able to take place as planned. But we also have a commitment to being responsible as regulations continue to evolve. Our promise to you is to make decisions with everyone’s safety in mind first, and to keep you informed as we monitor these unprecedented circumstances.


NOD is not just a Dance Program, we are a community. With such uncertainty ahead, please consider a donation  Your support today can help secure our future and strengthen the vibrancy of this arts community.


"Extraordinary times where circumstances don't allow us to dance close to each other, we can't stop, there is always a way to dance for each other"

Cit. Erion Kruja


As soon as all airports reopen and flights start flying over our skies, we are waiting for you in Turin to dance together

For any further information don't hesitate to send your email to dancenod@gmail.com

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