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NOD ICD - Performance Project

Attila Ronai
Frederic Despierre
Bruno Guillore
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The international contemporary dance program organized by NOD for the next season will be a real professional experience that offers performances of 2 projects

"Project 1" and "Project 2" will take place from December 9th  to 20th at NOD in colaboration with Lavanderia a Vapore corso Pastrengo 52, Collegno Torino

This additional experience every trimester offers dancers the opportunity to learn more about choreographers who work an idea and present it in a performative context


Send your application by video to (Vimeo or Youtube NO password)

Looking forward to meeting you!


Project 1 by Attila Ronai and Frederic Despierre

Performance project that will involve dancers from the ICD Program quarter and open to only 4 external students

Fred and Attila will form two working groups with a maximum of 15 dancers each, creating and performing at the end of the two weeks

Period December 9th - 20th 11 working days from 9.30am to 1.30pm, one day off on Sunday

The show will be exhibited in a theater in Turin

Costs € 500,00 + € 50,0 registration/insurance

The full payment will be requested by the end of July

Project 2 by Bruno Guillore

former dancer with Hofesh Schecter company and current rehearsal director.

NOD is searching for 12 dancers (6 men and 6 women) to create and perform, at the end of a two week process, a piece by Bruno Guillore, former dancer with Hofesh Schecter company and current rehearsal director.

The selection will take place through video applications which will be viewed and selected by Bruno himself.
The creation process is open to everyone but the final performance will only take place with the 12 selected dancers.

This performance project is an initiative outside of the ICD-NOD program, anyone can partecipate.


Period December 9th - 20th /11 days  Schedule h: 1,30 pm to h: 5 pm - around 38 hours

Application deadline July 30th, the results will be communicated by August 7th

Costs € 500,00 + € 15,0 registration/insurance

The show will be exhibited in a theater in Turin.



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Attila & Fred
Bruno Project 2
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