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Dancers from NOD will perform at the 2022 Interplay Festival

After the digital edition in 2020 and the hybrid formula in 2021, Interplay is once again widespread and present in Turin with twenty-nine companies and thirty-two shows in long and short formats.

The festival will present fifteen Italian creations, eleven European companies and three coming from outside the continent, confirming its international character and the centrality of Turin as a reference point for Contemporary Dance and otherwise, in Italy.

We took part in the press conference of this 22nd edition of Interplay and shared all the enthusiasm of the different realities that will collaborate in the realisation of the festival, under the artistic direction of Natalìa Casorati. We are pleased to participate again this year in this important event with the public sharing with the students from the ICD- International Contemporary Dance Program.

As in 2019, we will be present with the #minipilloladidanza that resides within the audience engagement project of the festival.

In the previous edition, #icdprogram participants shared with the audience the result of the creative process carried out with choreographer Ella Rothschild, which was a huge success with the audience. This year German choreographer Michael Loehr will partake with "SQUEEZE,” performed on May 27th at the Turin Politecnico university and on May 30th in the outdoor space of the Lavanderia a Vapore. This is the result after a 9 day session of work together with the students of NOD’s ICD program. NOD - ICD each year hosts teachers and choreographers from leading European and international companies investing in training and artistic growth of young dancers.

At NOD the sessions are considered a creative moment aimed at research and it is thanks to occasions like this that we have the opportunity to share our work as an end-of-session result, and for this reason we want to thank enormously Interplay for having us again in this edition of the festival.

In this same direction there will also be a masterclass with the B.Dance company from Taiwan, that we will be hosted in our studio, on June 6th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. , that are also guests of the festival with their national premiere performance entitled "Divergence" on Wednesday, June 8th at the Lavanderia a Vapore.

For information and reservations, contact us at

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