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Meet Alena Egorkina, professional dancer and performer but also a photographer and videomaker for NX

Alena has shared with us her experience as Nuova X Professional Dance Program's photographer for the past 6 months.

Being a dancer allows her to have a better perspective and a clear vision about how and what to capture with her lens: whether a moment of deep emotional connection between dancers or their interaction with space and each other.

Enjoy the article and Alena's beautiful photo gallery!

“Body of a dancer is an endless source of inspiration to me. We as dancers are so connected with our bodies in space and time, that we are constantly aware of even a slight transformation or simple change. My professional experience allows me to know in advance what may happen next moment. I can see the small details that may represent emotions of the dancers and show it through video or photo to the audience. Be touched and feel what dancers feel is the main aim for me. Dancers can easily express whatever they feel, they think of or they’d like to show.

Composition for me is also one of the fundamental element in photography and

videomaking. Dance is very complex compositionally to record cause people are moving through space, shifting from one spot to another all the time. But that’s the beauty of a momentum. Either you catches it or you misses it, letting it go. Dance floor is my space for experiment, curiosity and point of focus.

When I enter the space to film I play by the rules of the dance floor game, I become a part of them (performers)."

Alena Egorkina

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